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Billing (Mixed Billing)

Bulk Billing

For all concession card holders – please present your card at reception

  • Pension Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Card
  • DVA
  • All Children below the age of 16 years

Private Billing Rates (with Medicare rebates)

  • For all patients aged 16 years and above, without a concession card (as stated above)
  • Please note that rates vary on weekends
  • Medicare Rebates are paid directly into your cheque / savings accounts

Private Billing Rates (without Medicare rebates)

  • Travel Vaccines
  • Driving Medical (Private / Commercial)
  • Insurance / Employment Medicals
  • Travel Vaccines & Medicals (Insurance/Employment) privately billed with no Medicare Rebate

Schedule 8 Medication

  • Please note that new patients to Willetton Medical Centre will not be prescribed any schedule 8 medication or drugs of addiction prior to Willetton Medical Centre receiving a complete medical history from your prior GP and any appropriate medical assessment required, at the discretion of our doctors.

Phone Consultation 

In a non lockdown situation, phone consultation are for

  • Patients who have cough/cold/sore throat/fewer
  • Patients who are in isolation due to travel or been in contact with someone with COVID 19
  • Vulnerable age group / elderly

Phone consultation – Billing

  • Bulk Billing – for HCC/ Pensioners/ Commonwealth Senior Card/ DVA/ All children below the age of 16 years
  • For patients who do not fall in the above criteria, phone consultations may be privately billed, upon the discretion of our doctors. Payment will be taken over the phone, after your consultation.


  • You are guaranteed a same day appointment. This may not be with the doctor of your choice, however all doctors are more than qualified to deal with the health care needs that you may have.

Missed Appointment And Cancellation Policy

  • When you book your appointment, you are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to other patients. In order to be respectful to other patients, please call us at 9310 1234 to cancel your appointment, at least 24 hours in advance.
  • For cancellation on the day bookings, please give us at least 2 hours notice.
  • Appointments are in high demand, and your advanced notice will allow another patient access to that appointment time. 
  • There will be a cancellation fee of $30.00 charged to your account if cancellations are made less than 24 hours prior or if there is no show ( no show is when a patient misses an appointment without cancelling). The cancellation fee must be paid before your next appointment.
  • For new patient’s first appointment, a no show will result in a full charge of the new patient fee. 

Social Media Policy

  •  We have a current Facebook page. This social media tool is only used for marketing purposes,   promoting services provided at Willetton Medical Centre.
  • Communication through this social media platform from patient to doctor or vice versa is not allowed.
  • Unauthorised posting of Willetton Medical Centre related images or information is not allowed on personal Social Media sites.


  • Results are followed up the requesting doctor actioned at the earliest possible time. All abnormal results are registered and followed up by our administration and nursing staffs who will make every effort to contact the patient. If however, if you have any concerns at all about the possible outcome of your results, you are encouraged to make a follow up appointment with your doctor to discuss the results.

Recalls and Reminders

  • We at Willetton Medical Centre have a recall and reminder system that is used to record all clinically significant results as well as routine screening opportunities. Therefore we request that you keep your contact details updated with us.


  • E-Prescribing is a prescriber’s ability to electronically send an accurate, error-free and understandable prescription directly to a patient or pharmacy.
  • E-prescription also helps to make patient care more efficient. It streamlines the process of getting the prescription to the pharmacy, dispensing the medication, and obtaining refills. Because the patients is not given a copy of prescription, the potential for losing the prescription is eliminated.